Romantic gifts for guys that both would enjoyed

I have touched on romantic gifts for guys in my other articles that I am sure guys would like. Then, it occurs to me that things that the guys like, might bored the ladies.

Thus, I sat down to think about gifts for guy that even the ladies would enjoyed, one object crossed my mind -rosetta stone. Of course, I do not meant to steal the real thing from Museum of London, but to replicate the idea

Guys like mystery and weird things, and good romantic gifts for guys should incorporate these variables. The rosetta stone is like a code book which you can use to decipher the ancient symbols that are found in those pyramids.

To implement this romantic gift ideas for him, you would need to go through a few steps which I would highlight below, you would need to customized to your situation:

Step 1

Mystery and treasure hunt are the ingredients in this romantic gifts for men, so you need to first decide a treasure. Think about something he likes, it might be tickets to a football game, some car shows etc.

That would be the present for him, the rest of it would be an experience he would remember.

step 2

Designing the code takes time. If you hide it at home, then you need to ensure that the place is secretive enough yet has enough things for you to write clues on.

For example, if you hide it in the freezer compartment a pair of keys that would open a box under the sink, and of course that box would contain the prize, then all your clues would have to lead to the freezer compartment.

Step 3

After you worked out the questions and the clues, you would write the questions in one sheet and the clues in another. Here is how it works: First send him a letter few days before hand telling him that you have prepared a surprise for him, within the letter stuff in the clues.

On the day of his birthday or that special occasion, pass him a card, and tell him that the questions inside would lead him to the romantic gifts for him.

Inside the card, the very first clue is to highlight to him that most of the clues are found inside a "thing" which you have given to him...

Step 4

Once you have given the card, there is nothing much to do except to watch him crack his head over this very unique and romantic gifts for guys.

He would have fun cracking the code, enjoyed the process, think that you are cool and most important he would read and keep all the cards and letters send to him in future lest you decided to do this again.

And I think the ladies would enjoy designing this romantic gifts for him as much as the guys enjoy playing it. Of course, nobody is stopping the guys from using this to implement a romantic gifts for her as well...have fun!:)


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