Monthly contest special gifts


What is gift site without giving any special gifts? Exactly! Since pipi gift ideas would like to spread the message that giving gifts is cool and all, we have to do so ourselves too!

So, I done up this special gifts corner for you to join contest and win unique gifts on a regular basis. While, the gifts might not be as expensive as some of your corporate gifts, I can promised one thing.

In our contest, everyone that participate would leave with some unique gifts. At times, we would be giving you some really unusual gifts, at times we would be doing personalized gifts for you.

No matter what, all the special gifts comes from our heart, and I sincerely hope that it would at least be some keepsake gifts for you.

So, ready to see what is this month contest all about: click on the link:

Yours Truly Only Contest -Free flowers for your love ones...
If it has been some time since you send flowers to your love ones, you should do it now! And you can even do it for free! Read on for more details...

Pipi Crazy Gifts give away contest!
Always wished for a more special gifts for that special someone? Here comes the opportunity -joined our crazy gifts give away contest and stand to win..a crazy gift lah!

July special gifts contest -have some hotdogs and baked beans from Pipi!
The first pipi contest that allows you to win treats from supermarkets. All you need to do is be fast in joining this contest!

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