Sweet 16 Gift Ideas for the Guys

You may be wondering why this article is entitled Sweet 16 Gift Ideas for the Guys when the sweet 16 birthday celebration applies only to girls.

Well, it is because the birthday ideas presented in this article are meant to help guys that have a crush on a lady that is just about to turn 16.

Now, if you’re a guy who has a crush on a girl who’s going to turn 16, you probably are from within the same age bracket and if that’s the case then you also probably don’t have much money to spend on gifts.

Money is no problem, this article will help you impress your girl without having to spend much, here are the sweet 16 gift ideas you can try:


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Idea # 1

Cook for her, it could be her favorite dish or any other delicious dish will be both appreciated. Ask your mum or grandma to teach you. They can supervise you in the cooking process but make sure that you do most of the chores so you really can say that you did cook the dish yourself.

Idea # 2

Bake for her 16 big cookies or brownies. You can even decorate the cookies and brownies with the number 16 using icing, nuts, chocolate chips or candies. This is a real sweet 16 gift; sweet referring to the cookies and brownies and 16 referring to the number 16 decoration.

Idea # 3

Make a photo book of pictures you’ve taken with her. It could be your photos together in the past 16 years. Of course, to be able to do this you and you crush must be childhood friends and are very close to each other.

If you’ve known her only for a few years that will also do, but still it entails that you and your crush have been friends for you to be able to gather pictures.

Idea # 4

Write a poem telling her of 16 things that you like about her or which makes her dear to you. It could be her smile, her friendly or cheerful attitude, her cute dimples, and her good singing voice; make it an assortment of different aspects.

Idea # 5

Take her for a short nature trip and catch something for her; butterflies, fire flies, fish etc. In this case, she may bring the creature home as a pet or set it free again. Either way, she’ll find this gift unusual yet memorable and sweet.

The sweet 16 gift ideas here can be further modified to your advantage and incorporate your own ideas too. There are lots of possible sweet 16 gifts which you can come up with without having to spend much money; all you need is genuine thoughtfulness, creativity and imagination.


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