The Nativity Story (Children’s Version)

The Nativity Story is a good story to share with children. It tells a fascinating story about faith, charity, obedience, and wisdom. Here is the children’s version of the Nativity Story, which you can share to your kids along with your homemade Nativity Set.

One day more than 2000 years ago, an Angel named Gabriel appeared to Mary. Gabriel told her that she was going to give birth to a very special baby, who will be called Jesus.

Mary married Joseph shortly after. He brought her to Bethlehem so they could pay their taxes. By this time, Mary was already pregnant and she was expecting to give birth soon.

When they arrived in Bethlehem, they couldn’t find a place to stay. All the inns had no lodgings available. They got worried because they feared they had nowhere to sleep. Joseph was especially worried about Mary since she was very tired and sore from the long journey to Bethlehem.


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Thankfully, a very kind and charitable innkeeper offered them to stay in his manger, where he keeps all his animals like sheep and cows to prevent them from fleeing during the night. Mary and Joseph were happy and very thankful that they had a place to stay, and Mary knew that she will be giving birth any time now.

During the night, Mary had her baby.

Mary and Joseph named the baby Jesus, as instructed by the Angel Gabriel. They wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes to protect him from the harsh cold of the night. They placed him in a small manger that animals feed from, which they had lined with straw and hay.

Suddenly, a very bright star shone over the manger.

During the night, some shepherds were looking over their sheep in the fields when suddenly, an Angel appeared before them. The Angel told them that a special child was born and he was to become the Savior of men. As soon as they heard the news, they hurried to see the baby Jesus.

Later, three kings from the east noticed the very bright star in the sky. These three kings were very wise, and they understood that the star heralded the birth of a very special baby. Riding their camels, they followed the star, knowing that it would lead them to Jesus. The three kings brought three gifts, which are gold, frankincense, and myrrh, as offerings to Jesus. During those days, these three items were very valuable. Gold was used as money, while frankincense and myrrh were used as medicine and perfume.

Jesus grew up to be a very great and wise man who taught very important lessons about loving one another and helping those who are in need. He helped the poor, the outcasts, the sick, and the dying. After His death, He was known as Jesus Christ. Christmas is the celebration of His birth, thus it was named after Him as the Mass of Christ or Christmas.


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