Top 10 Gifts for Kids

This top 10 gifts for kids is to assist in your shopping. With so many kids to give gifts to at so many different occasions I learned that certain gift items can be given repeatedly to children.

So even when shopping for Christmas gifts where I have to shop for the most number of kids at the same time, I don’t have any difficulties but rather find it an enjoyable experience. Here’s a list of my top 10 gifts for kids:

1) Clothes

First on my 10 gifts for kids are clothes. A dress for little girls, a matching pair of shirt and shorts for little boys, or a costume of their favorite superhero or cartoon character for the little kids. For the big kids, a nice shirt or blouse or a cool jacket would be great.


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2) School Supplies

A cool bag or a funky pencil case will do just fine or you can put something additional inside. For the pencil case, put pencils, pens, eraser etc. For the bag, put an umbrella or raincoat, or a set of handkerchiefs and socks.

3) Puzzles and Toy Blocks

Shape sorters are of course for very little kids, jigsaw puzzles are for the big kids, blocks can be enjoyed by both providing hours of fun enhancing their imagination and creativity.

4) Toys Sets About Occupations

The hottest top toy sets available in stores would be a toy carpentry set or a toy mechanic set, a toy doctor’s kit or dentistry set, and a toy cooking set.

5) Books

There’s an assortment of book for kids of different ages; books that inspire, bring out imagination and creativity, gives knowledge, etc. Examples of these are picture books, story books, crosswords or word search, brainteasers, trivia, poems and lots more.

6) Art Sets

To bring out the artistic side of kids, showcase their imagination and creativity give them an Art set. Such sets come complete with everything they need to make their own masterpiece. Choose from water color to crayons, acrylic or oil pastels and much more.

7) Craft Sets

A scrapbook set, DIY toy kits like wooden toys to assemble themselves or a bag in which they can paint their own design or sew decorations, a modeling clay set, a set of beads and string to make bracelets and other accessories.

8) Game Boards

A chess set, Monopoly, Scrabble, Word Factory among others can be enjoyed not just by one kid but also by his playmates.

9) Sports Items

A basketball or a volley ball, a toy golf set, a kiddie basketball set with a hoop, etc; playtime is lots of fun while enhancing kids’ motor skills.

10) Pets

Last but not the least of my top 10 gifts for kids is a pet. Taking care of pets teaches a kid the value of responsibility; just make sure to confer the child’s parent first if they allow pets in choosing a particular pet for the child.


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