Unique Children Gifts Should be Fun

Unique children gifts usually are for and about the parents. Until the age of 6, when the child is able to speak out and voice out opinions and preferences clearly, parents make most, if not all, of the decisions for them.

This includes Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and birthday plans, among other things. Most of the time, it is the parents who decide what kind of birthday celebration to hold for the child until the child can voice out and decide what theme would be best for the birthday party.

Nowadays, children’s parties are getting more and more elaborate. Throwing an elaborate children’s party is one of the most unique children gifts that you can give.

It is also one of the most memorable gifts that you can give, not only for your child, but for all the other children and even the parents.


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A birthday party is probably the best birthday gift any parent can give to their child. Personalized gifts and other unusual gifts that could be given to adults won’t be appreciated by children.

Gifts for kids should be fun. The problem with planning for a child’s birthday party is the amount of thought and preparation required.

However, if you’re finding a hard time thinking of a unique children’s gift that you want to give to your child in the form of a fun birthday party, here are some ideas that will help.

First of all, make a note of the interests of the child. Is there a particular movie, cartoon, or TV program that the child likes? If the unique children gifts is about making the kid happy, it has to be about him or her right?

For example, if the child has a particular affinity for water (loves to go swimming, prefers to stay in the tub for a long time when bathing, loves to play in the rain, etc.), throw a water theme birthday party (this is one unique children gift that kids love, playing with water...)

Prepare a bunch of water guns, water balloons, and a few sandboxes for the children to use and play with during the party. Set up some inflatable pools for the children as well if there are no swimming pools at the venue of the party.

Just don’t forget to remind them and their parents to bring a set of dry clothes when you start handing out invitations to the party.

For giveaways, you can use small plastic pails as the containers or baskets that contain items that the children can use when they go swimming, such as inflatable balls, floaters, water guns, and bottles of sunscreen, among others.

As another example, if the child loves to make art like drawing, painting, coloring, etc. you can throw an art or color theme birthday party.

Prepare rows of tables for the kids to draw and paint on during the party. Then think of some art activities that they can do. For example, you can give them one white t-shirt each. And then, give them some paint, which they can use to design their shirts. Or, you can prepare small bottles of glitter glue, some sequins and shiny beads, colorful feathers, and small cutouts of thin foam or rubber.

Give them a pair of sunglasses each, and using these materials, they can design their sunglasses any way they see fit. For giveaways, you can give boxes of crayons, a set of pencils, sketchpads, notebooks, and stationary, among others.

The key to coming up with ideas for a fun birthday party is to take one of the interests of the child and use it as a theme. Then, the activities and games of the children should revolve around the theme.

Therefore, the party is truly one big celebration for the child. Throwing a very fun children’s birthday party is one of the most unique children birthday gifts that you can give to a child. More importantly, it can be a fun and memorable experience for all those present during the party.


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