Unique Christmas Gifts for Children

Do you think unique Christmas gifts for children can be found in some big shopping mall? Has Christmas become too commercialized? Today in the 21st century, the Christmas Spirit seems to be lost.

Instead, it has been replaced by the Christmas Rush, where materialistic attitudes run high as everyone rushes frantically to shopping malls to buy Christmas gifts, whether these are men’s gifts, women’s gifts, romantic gifts, and children’s gifts. The Christmas Season has turned into an annual ritual of wasteful spending and unnecessary excess.

On the flip side, commercializing Christmas is a smart move by companies and manufacturers since it is the Season of Giving, after all. It’s a great way of making fat profits. Much of our daily lives are already commercialized, so why should Christmas be any different?

However, it is very important that we should not forget what Christmas is really about.


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Letting kids understand the true meaning of Christmas is very important. What is Christmas? Why is it being celebrated? If your kids have asked you these questions, it’s a good opportunity to give them one of the most unique and memorable Christmas gifts for children, a homemade Nativity Set.

Why make a Nativity Set yourself? Isn’t it easier to buy a Nativity Set or Christmas story toolkit from a store? For one, making a homemade Nativity Set for your kids is much more memorable.

Moreover, making a homemade Nativity Set can become an annual activity with your kids, or it can become a family relic, which they can keep and display every year. Most importantly, this is a very creative way of sharing the Nativity Story to your kids.

Here is a condensed verson of the nativity story that you can share with your kids.

Homemade Nativity Set – One of the most Unique Christmas Gifts for Children. This instill in the kids that Christmas is about a gift from God and not a season just for shopping and good food.

Here is a step by step on how you can handmade the nativity set.

I do not think this unique christmas gift is that difficult to make. It requires some marzipan and some creativity. So, do try it out and usher in this holy holidays.

Aside from being one of the most unique Christmas gifts for children, a homemade Nativity Set is also one of the great gift ideas for Christmas simply because it helps children understand and grownups remember what makes Christmas special and why it warrants such a festive and merry celebration.

If you know you can make a homemade gift such as a homemade Nativity Set this Christmas, don’t hesitate to do so. A homemade gift is much more memorable and thoughtful since it isn’t bought from a store; it’s made by you, who poured some care, time, and effort into making it.


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