Unique First Anniversary Gifts for Her?

Getting an unique first anniversary gifts for her must be well plan. How time flies, and now you’ve already had one blissful year of marriage. So, what are your plans for this very special occasion? Well, actually you really need not answer that because I’m going to make suggestions for you.

My guess is like any other husband-to-be at the time, it was your bride-to-be then who now is your wife that did most of the wedding preparations, right?

Don’t be embarrassed. Most guys are really like that, they want to get informed or asked for opinions every now and then during the preparations but basically, they pretty much like to just get dressed and show up for their wedding.

Now, with that in mind; it is now your turn to make all the preparations and make your first wedding anniversary really memorable for your wife.


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The best way to do it is by preparing unique first anniversary gifts for her and you can do just that in one amazing anniversary experience for her.

First of all, make arrangements for a nice and fancy dinner in a romantic restaurant. Choose a restaurant that serves food which your wife likes; also, it would be better if the restaurant features a band or a singer who accepts song requests.

Next is to shop for a gift and some flowers. You can place the order for a bouquet of her favorite flowers in advance and just pick it up on the day of your anniversary.

For the gift, you can opt to give her personalized presents if you have the time to make them or you can buy her unusual presents; just make sure that she likes what you give her.

On the night of your anniversary, upon arriving at the restaurant, discreetly make the song request and hand it to the waiter, he will forward it to the singer or band for you.

Ask your wife to dance when your theme song plays. It’s up to you when you will present her the gift and the flowers; be romantic, make this a night she will always remember.

You may be thinking that the unique first anniversary gifts for her that I suggested may cost too much, right? Well, if you answered ‘No’ then your wife is one lucky girl!

I mean, you only have one wife and this is your first anniversary; surely, you can’t go cheap on this day. Also, if you’re really on a budget, you can always improvise and come up with your own unique first anniversary gift ideas for her.

Come to think of it an anniversary gift is very much like to a birthday present only that in an anniversary two of you are celebrants whereas in a birthday there’s only one celebrant(unless of course, they’re twins). We’re all used to giving birthday presents to those we love so I guess there won’t be any problem coming up with ideas.


Or, how about doing some handmade gifts as an unique first anniversary gifts for her? No matter the gift, if it is something you make, she would definitely love it. Join pipilogy to learn more about handmade gifts...

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