The unique gifts for women here are quite expensive -you still want to read?

I have other sections that highlight many unique gifts for women, physical unusual gifts which would bring your relationship to another level.

But, here I am going into some elements about unique gifts for women that is not a product. The unique gifts for her that I have in mind are call TLC.

Some of you that are familiar with this acronym knows that it meant "tender loving care", in general no matter what unusual gifts you are giving, it has to be accompanied by this tender loving care.

However, it occurs to me that many guys are buying some of the best gifts for women but yet not giving them the best gift. Do you know what are the most unique presents a man can give a women?

It is time, love and care. Thus, the acronym TCL. In our society today, the buzz is about quality time. Which means that you are going to spend less time with your love one but you are going to make that time count.


When asked what you are going to be busy with, the answer is usually to work hard so that both of us can have a better life? But is life really better when the spending of time together is restricted to 1-2 hours per day and maybe a couple of hours during weekend?

Isn't it ironic that you would be spending close to 80% of your time to work hard so that you can buy good gifts to show that you care? That is the reason why I think the most unique gifts for her that you can give is your time.

Relationship is build over time and with time. No amount of diamonds or fancy gifts can achieve that. If there is one good that this whole site can achieve is to persuade YOU that spending time with your love ones is the best gift.

You have used it and the whole world is using it "I don't have enough time", but no matter who you are, each of us has 24 hours a day. Use it right and spend it well, and you would feel that your time is actually enough.

So what about love and concern? Well, if you have decided that this article make sense and you are going to spend more time with your missy, the love and concern is already in it. Trust me, you cannot find any more unique gifts for women than this...

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