How to "Make" Unique Gifts Online?

What do we mean by making unique gifts online, don't we just buy the presents online? Well, you have to read on to learn more about these unique gifts.

Here is a tip: never send a gift that you ordered online to a loved one immediately upon purchasing. Receiving a gift from a postman is not a personal and meaningful experience. Have it delivered to you first. Wrap it up.

If you can give the gift to your loved one in person, it’s better if you do. It’s much more meaningful, personal, and sincere. Seeing their eyes light up when they receive it is not only rewarding, but it also allows you to share that special moment with your loved one.

Therefore, if you live in a relatively in a close proximity to your loved one, it would be better if you’re the one who gives the gift to them. Sure, it’s more convenient to have it sent to them upon purchasing, but receiving a generic package from a postman is barely a significant moment.


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However, what can we do during the circumstances, when we can’t give the gift in person because they live far away? Is there a way to make unique gifts online even more unique?

If it’s really not an option to give the gift to your loved one in person, you can still send it through the mail, but in a unique and personal way. First of all, have the gift sent to you first.

Then, take a video of yourself wrapping the gift up for your loved one. Treat it like making a greeting card, but in video format. You can add a bit of humor to this if you want, especially if you know that your loved one will love the gift.

Flaunt it in front of the camera. Tease your loved one a little bit. Make a copy of the video to a disc or a USB drive, label it as “Watch this first before opening the gift,” and mail it along with the gift to your loved one.

Ultimately, it is not a good idea to send a gift you ordered online to a loved one directly upon purchasing. Treat it like buying a gift in a store. If it’s possible, it’s always better if you can give the gift to your loved one in person since it’s a more meaningful and personal experience.

If not, hopefully the suggestion about "making" the unique gifts online will allow you to, in a way, cross over the distance that separates you from your loved one by finding clever ways to make them feel your presence


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