Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas

by Lee

Getting last minute gifts is not advisable, but in case you find yourself in a bind and need to come up with a gift at the last possible minute, here are a few unique last minute gift ideas that have helped me in the past.

Learn paper folding or origami. This comes in handy when you want to write a note or a meaningful message but there's not enough time to buy a greeting card or to make a handmade greeting card. Write your note, birthday greeting, or a romantic message on a piece of colored paper, and fold it up into a nice figure.

Instead of getting a bouquet of flowers, why not go against the norm and make a bouquet of flowers out of paper? This only involves cutting up pieces of paper into different shapes to make up the flower itself. For the stems, try looking for long green plastic, or you can use the handle of a bottle cleaner. For the scent, just spray perfume on the flower.

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