Making Unique Personalized Gifts

What are unique personalized gifts? To put it briefly, these are gifts that are made to accentuate the personality and interests of the recipient.

Some personalized presents that are usually given are everyday things that have the initials, name, or a photo of the recipient, such as coffee mugs, shirts, caps and key chains. Still, there are some instances when we want to make these personalized presents more unique.

So how does one make unique personalized gifts even more unique? To make the unique personalized gifts more unique, give those to your loved ones in an unusual way, instead of giving those directly.

For instance, if you really want to surprise your loved one with a very unorthodox way of giving a gift, why not lock the gift in a cabinet or chest and encase the key in a block of ice or jelly?


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This is truly a unique way of presenting your gift, and your loved one will be enjoyably surprised beyond doubt.

The Jello Delivery

To accomplish this, you would need the following: a mold for making jelly, colored water, a chest or cabinet where you will hide the gift, and a fridge.

First, lock the gift in a cabinet or chest. Take the key, place it in the mold with colored water, and freeze it in the fridge.

Surprise your loved one by giving the jelly and the locked chest. They will most definitely be perplexed because the chest is locked. Don’t forget to remind them that the jelly shouldn’t be consumed. With any luck, they will realize that the key is actually hidden within the jelly, and they will be flattered by the thought and effort that you poured into the presentation of the gift.

This is one fun way of making unique personalized gift. It isn’t that hard to make it, but it will be a very fun and unique experience to dig out the key from the jelly, and your loved one will have a bit more anticipation and eagerness as they wonder what surprise awaits them when they open the locked chest.

Therefore, if you have a bit more time on your hands to make your gifts more unique, don’t hesitate to do so. It is a concrete way of showing your loved ones how much they mean to you, by putting in a bit more thought and effort into the gifts that you give to them.


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