Unique romantic gifts that is affordable...

Affordable unique romantic gifts is the mantra and the vision of pipi gift ideas (in fact, do you know what pipi meant in Teochew -it is good price!).

Now, the question is where can one find romantic gifts without busting the credit line? I always recommend the DIY style, and here you would learn a trick that can make you many unique romantic gifts to come...

Have it ever cross your mind to write a book about your love one? That would be such a romantic gifts for her right? But, to achieve these unique romantic gifts is tough.

You need how to write and you need lots of time to write. Fret not. Let me teach you a way where you can get Steven King, Seth Godin, Rick Warren and even George Bush to write!

Follow these three easy steps and you would be able to make romantic birthday gifts, romantic christmas gifts, whatever you want forever.

step 1

Why re-invent the wheels? Why write a book? You only want a customized book right? So, go and buy a book that you know she would like. Just make sure it is a hard cover copy.

Take the measurement of the book. The length, the width and the depth. This is required for the second step.

Step 2

Some folks might have already guess that the unique romantic gifts which I am showing here is a book jacket! What is so unique about this is, it is very rarely seen these days.

And think about it, if you are going to be making one for your love ones, don't you think she would bow over by this gesture? Anyway, used that measurement on a piece of paper with at least 2mm-5mm thickness.

step 3

This might be the toughest for many people -draw. "I can't draw", "My drawings are so ugly", blar blar blar... is okay, remember, nobody expect a Michelangelo, what they want is a romantic gift.

The thoughts into planning and then doing it for your love one would make this book much more precious than any art collection!

Well, if you really wanted something nice, just buzz pipi, and I would see how we can still get it done for you "professionally" and not too expensive...

For the rest of you, enjoyed making this unique romantic gift, and trust me, that smile on your love one would be priceless...


You still got some time to spare? No lah, I was thinking if you want to keep spicing up your relationship, why not pop over to join our pipilogy which would teach you one handmade gifts every issue. How much? It is free for you my friend ;)

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