Unusual Christmas Gifts that Touches the Heart

Unusual Christmas gifts need not be expensive or hard to get -it just need to touch the other person, emitting warmth for Christmas.I once read this story somewhere and you yourself must have heard or read about it too as there are quite a number of versions of this story.

I would like to retell and share the story here because I think it would be a good reminder to all of us of what Christmas, love and gift-giving is really all about.

There was once a boy who lives with his father. One day, the boy sees his father very stressed up and tired from working all day. The boy wanted to make his father happy so he made a box, wrapped it, and on Christmas day gave it to his father.

When the father opened the gift and saw nothing but an empty box, he was angry; but still, he calmly asked the boy what was in it. The boy replied by relating to his father how he got the gift.


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What happened was, the boy- seeing how his father is burdened with all the hardships in life, consulted a pastor about the best gift to give to his father on Christmas, the pastor answered - the Lord’s blessings.

The boy asked how he can give it to his father, the pastor answered, “Use your heart to wrap the present and your father would ‘see it’ “.

Holiday gifts are not about expensive and nice things; in fact, they’re not about the material things at all. We give gifts at Christmas to those we love as a token of how we feel for them, which is why instead of the material present it is the thought that comes with the gift that should really count and matter.

We try our best to look for the gifts that will make our loved ones happy because we think of their well-being since they are important to us because we (the ultimate reason) love them.

Anything can be a gift if we give it to someone who needs it and knows its value and much more, who realizes that the gift is just a mere actuation of how the giver of the gift feels.

Unusual Christmas gifts like a pack of menthol patch or a tonic drink will give the receiver unusual fun and still the message of it remains true- we care and love the person to whom we gave the gift.

Homemade unusual Christmas gifts like a cleaning solution for your wife's silverware is also full of thoughtfulness from the person who gives it.

This Holiday Season let us remember the boy in the story who taught us that the unusual Christmas gifts may turn out to be the best and most meaningful gifts homemade or even bought.


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