Unusual Christmas Presents that are boring...

Coming up with unusual Christmas presents is daunting, especially if it has become a yearly habit to give unique Christmas gifts. We eventually run out of unique Christmas gift ideas.

Nevertheless, it is a good habit to do every year. Instead of filling up gift hampers with store-bought gifts, we fill them up with Christmas presents that truly comes from our hearts. If you can’t come up with unusual Christmas gifts this year, here are a few gift ideas for unusual Christmas presents that you can use.

Here’s an idea for unusual Christmas presents. If you have a bunch of course vouchers laying around that you’re not going to use, give those vouchers for the fun courses to your loved ones, who you know are interested in those particular courses.

For instance, give away vouchers for fun courses, such as flower arrangement, origami, and wine appreciation. Therefore, give vouchers for wine appreciation courses to a loved one who loves to drink wine, or vouchers for origami or flower arrangement courses to a loved one who loves making crafts.

The good thing about this is that they can get certified for attending these courses.


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If you don’t have course vouchers to give, make vouchers for your loved ones.

For instance, make vouchers for your girlfriend that allows her to watch a movie of her choice with you. Therefore, if there’s a chick flick that is going to be shown in the next year, she could force you to watch it with her by presenting the voucher to you.

This is a great way of showing your commitment to your girlfriend, by giving her opportunities to do the things that she wants to do with you, which you normally wouldn’t want to do. If you prefer, you can also use this as a Valentine’s gift as well.

If your kids have been demanding that you take them to the park, the zoo, or the beach, but you haven’t had any time to take them there, this is also a great way of promising them that you will free up some time in your busy schedule so you can spend some time with them in a place that they really want to go to.

This will force you to take action and free up your busy schedule whenever they present you with their voucher for a trip to a place where they want to spend the day.

How about giving your wife vouchers for free foot and leg massages from you? This is a good way of relieving her stress when she comes home from work, for instance. This is also a great and fun gift especially if she loves to get foot massages from you.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with unusual Christmas presents this year, these gift ideas will surely help you surprise your loved ones with very unusual Christmas presents.


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