Unusual gadgets deliver message better than 1000 roses!

Think of unusual gadgets as an extension of your efforts after impressing the girl with your odd gifts and brightening her day with some unusual gifts.

Fun and laughter brings joy to a relationship and maintaining it would ensure a healthy and enjoyable relationship. And this is where unusual gadgets comes into play.

I hope some of you would find great success after implementing the ideas in unusual gifts, and I do not want the fun and caring personality that you have portrayed to die down, so you would still want to surprise you girl with plenty of unusual Christmas gifts and unusual birthday gifts.

Many relationship says that a healthy relationship is when both parties shares a hobby, thus my unusual gift ideas for you this time round is to get an unusual gadgets and do a hobby together.

As with all odd and strange gifts, spin a story about your gift so that it is memorable and would make an impression. Once you are in a relationship, it is simpler, no need to have many variables. You only need to remember one elements -theme.


The gadget that would lead to a hobby need a theme that your missy can identify with and would be happy about. For example, after sometime with a lady, marriage and family is on the horizon, so that would be my theme.

If I would to choose an unusual gadget to fit in my theme, it would be to start an ant colony. I would go on with a story that I am clueless about starting a family and how I loved to start one with her, so I am going to practice with her with something small first.

Then, you present her the ant colony where both of you can spend hours building together. No matter if it is given on Christmas or as an unusual birthday gift, this would definitely bring smile to her face.

Can you even being to imagine how meaningful this gift is, compared to some ordinary rose?

With one gift, you acknowledge that the relationship is progressing, you are doing steps to move forward and you are still innovative!

For you, spending hours growing ant colony is a boys dreams come true and it is so much more fun than shopping in tampines mall (where the parking is crazy) and definitely cheaper than watching shows in cineleisure where it is also very crowded...

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