Unusual xmas Gifts to Show You Care

Unusual xmas gifts are on most of our shopping lists because we want to give something exclusive to our love ones. People would just go all out during Christmas to give the nicest gifts to their loved ones.

Most of the common choices include teddy bears, flowers, or a fancy dinner; all of which are obviously sweet and romantic to show how much one really cares.

But does romance really have to come from something usually considered romantic? For once, why not try giving these Unusual xmas Gifts to your loved ones:

Unusual Gift #1: The Gift of Comfort- Heel Pads

Heel pads may not seem romantic but it will be every time your girlfriend thinks of how sweet and thoughtful you were giving her the heel pads as a gift.


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Having to wear heeled shoes the whole day can really make a lady’s feet sore, you’re girlfriend will surely get the message of how much you care for her with this item.

If you want, you can give her the heel pads accompanied with a foot scrub or lotion or even a new pair of shoes.

Unusual Gift #2: The Gift of Health- Medical Check-Up

Is your loved one too busy with his work that whenever he doesn’t feel well he just puts it off as stress and does not go to a doctor instead? In that case, a medical check-up would be the best gift for him this Christmas.

Hospitals and diagnostic clinics offer a variety of medical check-up packages so you can choose which tests or laboratory procedures does your loved one needs.

Much more, a medical check-up package will cost you a considerable amount of money so no matter how busy your boyfriend or husband is, he’ll surely show up for the check up.

Unusual gift #3: The Gift of Strength- Tonic Drink

A box of tonic drink to last your loved one way into the New Year surely will be one of the Unusual xmas Gifts they’d ever receive. Send it to your loved one with a car d saying, “Because I care.” and they’ll surely be reminded of if it every time they drink up a bottle.

These unusual Christmas gifts may not be romantic at face value but the thought that comes with it as you give them to your loved ones will turn them into unusual Christmas presents that are indeed romantic and will surely give the message of how much you care.

Come to think of it, instead of calling them unusual I think it would be better to regard them as unique Christmas presents or personalized Christmas gifts. After all, you did come up with the idea of giving the unusual items as gifts with the thought of your loved one’s well-being in mind.


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