Make Your Wife Birthday Gifts Better with These Tips

Those that have tried looking for their wife birthday gifts, know that it is tough. It’s not easy to find a birthday gift for your wife. If the gift happens to be too common or widely given by others, it somehow fails to let her know how much she truly means to you.

Worst of all, even if you have the purest of intentions, she might think that you didn’t give it much thought. On the other hand, if the gift happens to be too extravagant, it burns a hole in your pocket.

There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot for your wife birthday gift, but if it affects you financially in the long run, then it might not be a good idea after all.

The trick to giving a great birthday gift to your wife is not to focus on the gift itself. Instead, focus on that special day. Use the gift to make her birthday really special and memorable. Here are a few tips to make this gift idea a reality.


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Surprise her with a handmade card that you and your children made. Ask your kids to help you design it without her knowing about it. Ask them to write their messages, too.

Then, give it to her on her birthday in a special way. For instance, make her breakfast in bed. Let her wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and let the card stand beside her plate.

Or, you can slip it into her handbag or laptop bag before she goes out to work. Hopefully, she will discover the card as the day goes by.

Surprise her at work. Be sure to let her colleagues know about it first so they can join in on the celebration. Ask them to act naturally before you get there. You can even ask them to pretend to make her day a little tedious to enhance the surprise.

Round up her closest friends and old friends. Tell them you’re making a video for her birthday. Record a video of them sending their greetings and best wishes. You can either e-mail it to her so she can watch it in private, or you can present it to her during her birthday celebration.

These "wife birthday gifts" are pretty straightforward and inexpensive, but she will love them just because of the thought that went into them.

Therefore, the next time you are thinking of what to get for your wife for her birthday, don’t focus on the gift. Instead, think of the day itself and how you can make it very special and memorable for her.

Hopefully, these ideas on wife birthday gifts have given you some thoughts on how to celebrate her next birthday.


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